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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 3601 Algonquin Road Suite 714 in Rolling Meadows. It is located right off Route 53 on Algonquin Road. Our office is on the seventh floor in a ten story office building with one of the best views around.


What are the benefits of seeing a therapist?

Going to a therapist can be a worthwhile experience for many reasons. It is good to have support for times when you have specific problems or if you’re feeling overly anxious or down. You should generally see a therapist when you feel you are not able to solve your problems on your own, or when you feel you would like an objective person to talk to. I have a very interactive style and will provide you with education and feedback when appropriate.


What happens during the first session?

The initial session is the time for you to start to share your story and any symptoms that you are having. It’s important during the first session to decide if we are a good fit. We are starting to build a therapeutic relationship. We will talk about your goals and I will give you an idea of what I think is the best approach for moving forward.


How do I start working with you?

Give me a call  at 847.840.6680 or send me an email at vcuster1@gmail.com. If you’d like, we can set up a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your needs or just jump right in and set up an appointment.


Do you take insurance?

Yes. I take Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO, UnitedHealthcare and Optum Health. It is important to educate yourself on your coverage so that there are no surprises. You will need to know your deductible (the amount of money you are required to pay before your insurance company will pay a claim), and copay (the amount of money you will be required to pay each session.)



Individual Psychotherapy Session 50 min is $125 (if not using insurance).


How long do sessions last?

Appointments are 50 minutes which is the standard length of time of a counseling session.


How often will we meet?

It is best practice for us to meet once a week to start but I am completely flexible to your schedule and how often you are able to meet.  


How do I pay you?

If you are using your insurance, your copay or deductible are required to be paid each session. If you are not using insurance, then full payment for the session is due each session. I use an app called IVY pay which will send you a link to input your debit/credit card. After each session, I simply charge the card you input. I also accept cash or check. 


Can you prescribe medication?

No. Only medical doctors can prescribe medication. If you think you would like medication, you should contact a psychiatrist, or your primary care physician. There is a psychiatrist in my office that I can connect you with should you need it. 


Can we meet virtually? Do you provide online counseling?

Yes. Due to the pandemic, I am currently offering online counseling. I have met several new clients over the past six months virtually and have found it is really a seamless process. 


What types of clients do you usually work with?

I like to work with adults of all ages who want to better themselves and lead the life they want to live. I have a specialization in treating anxiety, as well as other mental health issues, such as depression or mood disorders. As a former corporate professional, I also am passionate about helping people deal with issues in the workplace as well as career transformation.


Are there any issues or types of clients that you don’t work with?

I work with both men and women, the majority of whom are age 16 and over. I usually do not work with children or couples nor provide treatment for eating disorders, psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, etc), or substance abuse. Due to state licensing laws, I can only provide therapy and counseling to individuals residing in Illinois.


Career transformation, what do you mean? 

Part of my services also include coaching, in addition to therapy. For previous clients, this has meant managing total career changes, career rebranding, resume redesigns, getting their first job after college or changing anything they desire career related. Career Coaching services are not covered by insurance.


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